To whomever

I’m touched you tried to make a case against Twilight via linking to my recaps on the Eoin Colfer message board, but I honestly don’t know why you tried. I got as far as “I was one of the Edward fan girls a long time ago ok really like 8 months ago but hes a good charter,” and I completely lost the will to live.

He’s a good charter. God, I hate public schools.

Also, hello to everyone who has wandered here from Johnny Wander, and, coincidentally, Yuko’s twitter. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read Johnny Wander!

edit: Sweet mother of mercy, you guys will find ANY reason to get butthurt, won’t you?

Well, I’m standing by this one. Public school sucks. I went to seven of them, so I think I have the experience to back this up.


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  1. Android 21 3/7 Says:

    I only read the first three books of the Artemis Fowl series, but I did like them. After a couple of reads, I realized that the writing could have been better, but I did like the characters themselves. At least they’re better developed than Bel and Ed.

    • Or, as they should be known from now on, Bled.

    • I read the six Artemis Fowl books and loved them, as books meant for teenagers, hence not with that an amazing writing style, but still enjoyable. Mostly thanks to the characters, like you said. It does seem that a lot of people can like Colfer’s work and hate Twilight.

      Though I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any character who would score against “Bel and Ed” when it comes to poor character development…

      Also, “Charter” kind of sounds like a Pokemon name…

      • Android 21 3/7 Says:

        I dunno. I really don’t like the sound of that girl that becomes Artemis’ love interest. Mind you, I know it’s wrong to judge without reading first, but if I really abided by that, I wouldn’t frequent this site, now would I?

  2. Long time reader, first time poster.
    I’d just like to say that I went to public school and I am perfectly capable of spelling the word character. We don’t need to hate on ALL public schools. And of course, I hate Twilight. :D

    • I also went to public school, and have more than enough reason to hate it, lol.

    • Shannon Says:

      I think the point here is that although there are anomalies in the clusterfuck that is the public education system, the standards allow things such as gross misspellings and adverb overuse to slip by.

      These are the people that are graduating, moving on to professional careers, and eventually making the wheels of the world as we know it turn.

      And they can’t spell CHARACTER.

  3. Wait, what? Charter? Ugh. Well, apparently the poster is eleven (she says a few posts down), but still, that is intolerable.

    And I could write better then Smeyer at 11.

    And, Hey! I went to a public school. No need to bash it just because some people are stupid…

  4. You’ll find retards at every type of school, darling. Public, home-schooled, or private–junior high, high school, college, night school, driving school… There will ALWAYS be idiots.

    But hey, I’m not dumb, and I can spell and punctuate my sentences… and I went to public school. =(

    …Still am going to that public school at this very moment, actually.

  5. Why yes, I did get here from Yuko’s twitter. Back whenever ago.

  6. Keyaroscuro Says:

    Woohoo yay Yuko!

    Um…I think I came here from Yuko’s livejournal actually.

    A long, looong time ago (okay like two months or something but still).

    • Haha, me too. I watch her journal for the lovely arts! And sometimes she links to awesome things.

      Obviously. :D

      • Yuko and I have been friends for a long… long… really long time. We drew embarrassing, uh, pokemon fanart. I don’t really want to talk about it lol

        • Keyaroscuro Says:

          Ooo strangely enough I think I remember the Aido Pokemon arts.

          …no wait those were Neopets.

          And I have to mention that every time I read “charter” I die a little inside.

  7. Lol.
    I went to public school and spell pretty well. Unless I’m typing to fast. Even then I spell check. What gets me though, is when I spell the wrong word correctly :/

    And I had no clue Yuko posted this link. I watch her blog, but I always seem to miss things.
    Oh well. I’ve been reading since the beginning of New Moon.

    • You used the wrong “to, too, two” in your post. Irony, huh?

      Also: I went to public schools through my entire school career.

      Yes, they do suck. No, not everyone who comes from them is ass-backwards retarded. But that doesn’t mean they don’t suck.

      • XD I I always seem to do that. Oh well. Two years out of school and everything I learned is slowly leaking out.

        The ones I went to were not half bad, actually. I just wish they didn’t spend so much money on stupid ass sports :/ All my textbooks were old, tattered, drawn in things.
        Thought I will admit: I did ADORE reading the things people wrote in my books, and looking at the drawings. The made me smile for some odd reason.

        I think those may have been my inspiration for what I’m going to do with the Twilight and Eclipse book I was given, I’m going to draw in them, various pictures based on the themes in the book. Perhaps make them worth actually looking at.

        • You know, as long as it isn’t just genital discussion, I like reading other people’s notes too.

        • I got the books for my birthday and christmas, and I’m planning on right in them, doodling, whatever, kinda doing what Rachel is doing to the ones she has. Then I will give them to a used book store so that whoever decides to buy it gets a lesson in what’s wrong with the book. Or, at least that’s the current plan :)

  8. I read through the post and all the comments before I realised that.. person.. meant to say that Edward is a good character. OMG FAIL. Also, he’s not.

  9. alaskan-salmon Says:

    That’s depressing. That girl (boy?) really needs to improve her grammar, cuz tis Hard 2 red da not argeumant. (Translation – it is really difficult to read her non-existent argument.) I’m also confused at how someone who likes GREENDAY also likes smeyers work. They are complete opposites! Greenday stands up to trash!

    • I died a little inside when I saw that quote. And I died a little more inside at her horrid grammar. Seriously. There are these things called periods, and they go at the end of clauses.

      And I’m not even an English major.

    • Actually, as much as I enjoyed early Greenday, and still like some of their songs – as far as public image goes, they are now pretty much an emo-punkish band, so pretty much have the exact same crowd as Smeyer’s books: girls who think they’re oh-so-dark-and-edgy because they like this ‘unconventional’, ‘dark’ stuff (i.e. emo, vampires etc.). It makes perfect sense to me.

      • PS – Said girls might also just like the band/book just because the lead is hot. But the dark-and-edgy angle is still there.

  10. I had a brief moment of imagining the Edward Cullen Charter School. D:

    Also – wow. Public school guys, I share your educational past. Why are we getting so offended?

    • Edward Cullen Charter School? Boys only of course. Where you learn to be a creepy psycho stalker. They hold there annual dance with the Bella Swan Academy where girls learn to not have spines or any sort of brain waves. =P

  11. Fantasyforever Says:

    Auuugggh, Edward is not a “good character”! ~_____~

    And I have to agree with Rai- public school sucks. I never went to public school (just a public college), but my best friend is a middle school teacher in a public school. And frankly, some of the papers she gets back… *shudder* She has students in 7th grade who can’t even read on a 2nd grade level. How in the world they passed to get INTO 7th, I have no idea. But that’s the school system for you!

    Though I have to add something to that- The entire education system sucks. Not just public schools :D

    • The Brigeeda Rocks Says:

      My sister works as an English teacher in a public grammar school, and once got back a paper with nothing but “I really* liked this book”.

      *Multiple the word “really” by a hundred. Am not kidding here.

    • I have friends who are graduate TAs for ivy league schools, and they get emails in “chat speak.”

      “Can u plllzzzzzz help me w/ this next test? I reeeeeeeallly need to get an A. Pllz?”

      I’m sure it was worse in real life.

  12. You just reminded me of something I read on FML a few days ago. It pretty much said, “My girlfriend dumped me because she wanted to find her own Edward. When I asked who Edward was she showed me her copy of a book called Twilight. I got dumped for a fictional character. FML.” W. T. F.

    I find it funny that girls that young are reading Twilight. When I was 11-13 I read the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop. Try that for “gritty love stories”. Or even the Lioness Rampant series by Tamora Pierce. That’s “young adult” for you.

    • Ah, Tamora Pierce. I read all her stories when I was young, even right up until I graduated high school. They got a bit formulaic after a while, though. But you always got a sex scene in the third book! And done tastefully, too. If only Smeyers had followed Ms. Pierce’s lead, this godforsaken series might have gotten interesting right around book three…

      Or maybe it would have been more scarring. I can only imagine and I’m not sure I want to.

    • Black Jewels? I’m actually reading that right now, on a suggestion from a friend. It’s definitely something I would never have beenallowed to read at age 12, but I’d till give that to my kids than Twilight. It’s considerably less damaging.

      • Very true. Also, If you like the trilogy, be sure to read the other books that happens in the Realms. They’re good too — especially the series that starts with The Invisible Ring.

    • Tamora Pierce! I have a huge soft spot for her stuff. She was definitely the first thing I read that counts as “young adult.”

      • I stupidly got rid of all my Tamora Pierce books in a fit of… something. I don’t know, I think I thought I was too old for them.

        It lasted a week. I want them back.

    • Android 21 3/7 Says:

      My sister had to read the first book for jr. high school. She liked it and went on to read the rest. Scarred her poor little mind and when she caught me reading the first book a few years later, she screamed, “D8 DON’T READ THE OTHER BOOKS! NOT UNTIL YOU’RE IN HIGH SCHOOL!” My family was a tad on the overprotective side back then, so I was meek, naive, and impressionable and never read them.

    • YESSSSSsss Lioness Quartet. Alanna was my hero when I was 12.

      • Definitely loved Alanna, but I think Kel was my favorite overall.

        (I wanted Daine’s animal powers, though)

        • I preferred Daine. I preferred her story too – though I did enjoy the ones where the girls got swords. Always good to give plucky ladies sharp implements.

          But Daine could talk to dolphins. She won hands down.

        • fantasyforever Says:

          YES! Another Kel lover- SCORE! I loved the Lioness Quartet, but I think my favorite was Kel’s “Protector of the Small”. Though the two Trickster books are a close second ;D

          • Third Kel lover here! I do love Diane’s powers though.

            • Kel FTW!…but Daine’s powers are much cooler. I haven’t gotten a chance to read the Alanna series yet, overprotective sister. If you think about it, Kel is the exact opposite of Bella.

              I’m a teensy bit offended about the public school comment. You’ll find preppy idiots everywhere, but you’ll also find incredibly smart people. Some intellegent kids just can’t afford to go to private schools. Just saying.

      • I really liked the Circle of Magic books. Though who doesn’t love plucky girls who have magic and fight? And Alanna was a redhead. We need more ginger heroines (I’m a ginger, could you guess?).

    • I fucking love the Alanna series! And all the books set in Tortall. I honestly think being obsessed with those books in middle school/early highschool helped me become an independent woman, as cheesy as that sounds. Then I think of all the girls that age who are obsessed with Twilight, and it worries me. All of Tamora Pierce’s female charters – sorry, characters – are the opposite of Bella. They work hard to get what they want, and have lives and personalities outside their love life. And they are badass.

      • They are totally badass! Whenever someone tells me the Bella’s a strong heroine and a good role model I go, “huh?” She IS NOT. She has no personality outside of being Edward’s dream girl and she’s weak and just ugh.

        Meg Cabot (co-founder of Sheroes along with Pierce) has strong heroines as well. In her Mediator series, when Suze meets Jesse, the hot ghost she doesn’t TRY to fall to in love with him. No. She tries to avoid that and goes out with ‘normal’ guys. And later when she is in love with him not ONCE does she think,’hm I think I’ll kill myself so I can be with Jesse.” Added to that she doesn’t stop him from moving on, if that’s what he wants.

        Cabot, Pierce, THEY know strong heroines. Smeyer should learn from them.

      • I saw somewhere online recently that there’s a fairly common line of thought that declares Kel (and possibly all of Pierce’s characters) is a Mary-Sue. I wanted to hit something when I read that.

        • Android 21 3/7 Says:

          Truthfully, I feel that they are Mary-Sues. (Please don’t hurt me.) The only main characters of hers that never gave me that vibe were the Circle of Magic characters.

          • insertclevernamehere Says:

            I’m sure you’re too far away to hit :P

            Granted it’s been awhile since I’ve read them, but I’m pretty sure I remember than they all had things to overcome. None of them were perfect. Especially Kel, who had a hell of a time just being accepted by her classmates since she was small and female. And I vividly remember all her bouts with Peachblossom, the ornery old horse.

            • insertclevernamehere Says:

              Whoops. This is still Doom- I forgot I was signed in. Whoops.

            • Android 21 3/7 Says:

              But that’s just it. She was small and female, so she had to be better than the boys. Mind you, I only read the first book and that was a long time ago, but she threw off a teacher’s balance with a martial arts move when he was teaching them how to tumble and when she found a lead weight in her lance, she kept it there and even told the teacher when she ended up with an unweighted one somehow. Admittedly, it was to explain why the unweighted one threw her off so bad, but it still rubbed me the wrong way.

              And of the three girls, Daine was my favorite, but she was a freaking demi-god. And was crazy powerful with a bow. One so inflexible that not even Alanna can bend it, doesn’t even bother aiming once she has her groove in, and they go in so deep they have to be cut out. Now I understand that it’s impractical to be skilled in only one thing (i.e. talking to animals), but her bow skills really really bothered me. I think I would have liked it better if she was simply at “Robin Hood” level at most.

              I don’t remember much about Alanna, but I do remember she gave me the same sort of vibe. Of course, I guess I really can’t talk since even I admit that the characters I create are Sues.

            • Daine’s father was the God of the Hunt. Thus her ability to shoot a bow and talk to animals. She didn’t get any OTHER freaky powers, so I think I’m willing to let that one go.

              As to Alanna and Kel… I think they were really more archetypal than Mary Sue. It’s a very old idea – the one of a small girl being very talented with weapons. All throughout mythology and the old religions. Also, Alanna was all kinds of crap when she started, wasn’t she? And Kel had a REASON to be good – she’d been practicing all her life.

            • insertclevernamehere Says:

              …Kel didn’t have to be better, she just had to be on par in order to be accepted and pass her classes.

  13. Don’t know why people are getting butthurt about saying public school sucks. Isn’t it a fact of life, like bears doing certain unclean acts in the woods and the Pope being, you know, Catholic? I went to public school, and even though I took the advanced classes, my education is severely lacking — I’ve never read Moby Dick or Great Expectations or several other classics (that I keep meaning to read on my own, now that I realize how much I’ve missed), I have only the vaguest knowledge of history from 1945 forward, I took 4 years of Spanish and can only ask/respond to some very basic questions, and so on. All this — and yet I went to one of the best, and most well-funded — schools in my state.

    Yeah, you’ll find stupid people in every school, but when you attend public school in a country where the former president wanted every student to be above average (>.< my brain, the math hurts it!), and where teachers are paid slightly better than that guy at 7-11, you lower your expectations a bit and expect to find more nimrods.

    • High five!

      I’m in pretty much the same boat, although I must say I really have no interest in reading Moby Dick.

      And watch someone get butthurt about THAT…

    • i’m pretty sure that everyone’s just cranky because they know their education sucked, but they also know that they managed to become intelligent individuals on their own. And my school had crap funding and we still managed to read some classics, however i was also in all AP classes and there are still a ton of books that i feel like i should have read. the biggest problem is that the school system starts introducing you to real literature way too late.

      i think the biggest failure in the public school system is more the lack of preparation for the real world. i mean, thank god for my parents, or i would never have known how to survive in the real world. schools are severely lacking in reality.

    • Eh. I went to state school (public school, at least over here, means private school… for some reason) and I left in the fourth year.

      I was averaging an E in Maths at school. I got a B doing it from home. I was averaging a C in English. I got an A* at home.

      The list goes on…

    • That One Girl Says:

      I seriously beg to differ on the idea that your education is lacking because you haven’t read Moby Dick or Great Expectations. I’ve never read Moby Dick and I consider my education to be very worthwhile. I have read Great Expectations – twice, in fact, once in 8th grade when it went over everyone’s head and no one finished it, and once in high school when we understood it much better – and I don’t think it made one iota of difference in the level of my education. I don’t despise Charles Dickens, but I don’t adore him either, and I think that most English classes should stop teaching the “classics” just because they are called classics. A good enough teacher can make almost any book relevant and educational. (Although I have to say that I don’t think analyzing books has ever taught me anything, since it’s so subjective. You really can’t “teach” a book, and most of that crap is completely made up to sound smart. And I’m a senior English major here.)

  14. I’m with Rachel on this one. I too went to several public scools and at every one I saw the same problem. Those who want to learn and are good at learning find themselves bogged down by those who are idiots or don’t give a shit. Public school churn out both idiots and geniuses, but the fact remains that it still needs some serious help.

    I blame W.

    • Well, don’t.

      I’m a leftist, personally – social-democrat, more or less – and don’t have much liking for ex-president Bush Jr.’s policies, and I also agree that he wasn’t exactly an intellectual (although portraying him as an analphabeth is in my opinion just cheap demagogy, or at best a cheap joke), but I am tired of people blaming all evil in *everything* on him. Come on. Public education (or state education, for UKaians among us, or Hinuch Mamlachti here in Israel, or any version of it elsewhere) is not the best education possible, for the simple reason that it serves the, well, PUBLIC. The general public. All of it. It does not have the privilege to turn away below-average students. It has to take into consideration a slew of various, sometimes conflicting, political interests, because that’s where the money comes from. And yes, it often has crap funding. These things existed all over the world long before 2000, and will keep existing, until some incredible thing happens and every country in the world starts putting the funding of proper education as its top priority.

      So really, leave that man out of it, for once. Of all the things to blame on him, this isn’t one.

      • As a Libertarian, I blame too much funding, teacher’s unions, No Child Left Behind (for federalizing what’s meant to be state-run), and no pay scale. I mean, what other job can you be severely less than adequate at, and still get paid the same as someone who puts their heart and soul into it? Ok, maybe most government-run things are like that. But I had some pretty awful teachers at my public schools. Teachers who put on a movie for us to watch while they paid their bills or took off to the grocery store. (Some of these were even A.P. classes, mind you.) Then I had those teachers that worked hard and made learning fun. How is it fair that these two, in part because of teacher’s unions, get all the same benefits and pay, and have no way of getting paid more? Where’s the motivation other than in the goodness of one’s heart to be a good teacher?

        • Oh, and when I say too much funding, I mean the funding goes to bureaucrats and boards of education, and doesn’t get funneled down where it needs to be or managed properly. That’s often what happens when there’s a monopoly on something, there’s no motivation for it to be good.

  15. I found you by trying to find a cliff notes version of the books (to see how ridiculous the pwp becomes) because I watched the movie and it made me want to set my head on fire. Because seriously. What Stephenie Meyer has done to vampires is as unforgivable as someone forcing themselves onto an unwilling victim. It’s like she took the idea, and raped it until she’d completely disfigured it, and then turned her voracious sexual/delusional appetite onto werewolves and raped them until they were shadows of their former selves, too.

    Her publisher is a heartless genius. He King Midas’d this series without having to ensure there was any actual gold inside.

    I love this blog, though. It should be required reading for anyone who’s read the series, and wants to defend it’s literary merit (or, as one of my friends said, how beautiful and wonderful and perfectly manly Edward is).

  16. Nah, I wasn’t butthurt or anything. Even if you didn’t mean it as a joke and more as a fact, it’s still just a humorous line in your text. And I agree that many, if not most, public schools are terrible. XD

    I guess my school is just awesome, or something. Our school is the kind where, if someone mentions they went there as a kid, they get all excited and start chanting our mottos.

    But I can understand where you’re coming from, really. The schools around mine are horrible. Did you know a lot of my friends from the other school had been jumped within the first week? Deplorable!

    Here at BHS, we hold the doors open for teachers and win 1st in the nation in the Source! (–> This is irrelevant, but I’m just so proud of us… we live in a crappy little town with lots of poorness and smog, so I’m happy with how our guys are doing.)

  17. beyonddimensions Says:

    Wow. I actually read the thread. My eyes burn now.

  18. Crazyfishie Says:

    Oh. God. M-my eyes..

    I…I think I just found the site where I will get all the Grammatical Fail samples for my University grammer course.

    Seriously, we have to provide 15 examples of sucky grammer. Though, I’d have to ask my teacher if a chat-room counts.

    • That is awesome. I wonder if your teacher would allow chat-room samples like you said. There is so much potential in a chat-room for grammatical error. Actually it’s almost a certainty.

  19. I just want to point out a later post this girl wrote:

    “I really don’t want to continue this Meyer is not that good I understand that I am not a major fan of her or a big fan at least not much a fan but I just think her work could use a lot of editing and better ideas and concepts I could probably do better and I’m just eleven”

    What is there in a story that the author creates besides the ideas, the concepts, and the actual writing? The paper-thin characters? What part of the story does this girl actually like?
    And no, I didn’t take out the punctuation. There wasn’t any.

    • beyonddimensions Says:

      Clearly the poor girl was back-peddling because she was worried about her e-popularity.

      I think an entire book written as above would be interesting, to say the least.

    • this is exactly how eleven year old girls talk, so it makes sense that this is how stupid eleven year old girls write. people don’t understand the difference between speaking and text and it irritates me to no end.

      • Too true. Punctuation appears to be a dying breed. Apparently the next generation doesn’t really care to use commas and periods. (I feel like an old woman, complaining about the things kids do today.)

        • No worries, no worries–I’m turning 18 this year, and I already feel like an old woman. =)

          Actually, there’s this really great spot in our school’s art book where we put up confiscated notes from dumb students. I especially liked the one where they have class work scribbled in the margins and it writes, “6 x 5 = 35”.

          The names are left unsaid, but it’s still a testament to dumb kids all over the world. C=

  20. i also went to public school. it sucks ass and promotes stupidity. anyone with intelligence is discouraged. bash public school as much as you want. because it’s completely founded. public school actually pushed me further from learning. if it weren’t for my inherent curiosity, i would be just another moron.
    yes, there are a few of us that just like learning, or perhaps are a bit quicker than the rest from the get-go, but the majority of people need a little help.
    to borrow a term from a friend, public school is largely responsible for the “dumbening of America.”

  21. lmfao. “broguth”. wow. i fear for the future of the world.

  22. A good charter, oh god. xD

    … What would the Charter of Edward say, if one were to exist? Something about isolating controlling playing mind games with protecting your one-true-love, I’m sure.

    • I don’t know, but I suspect it would be written entirely with a glitter pen.

    • I’ll take the defensive here. Edward, at times, could be a good character. He’s good for a horror novel. Eddie almost rivaled Hannibal Lecter for me in some chapters.

  23. Android 21 3/7 Says:

    “Sweet mother of mercy, you guys will find ANY reason to get butthurt, won’t you?

    Well, I’m standing by this one. Public school sucks. I went to seven of them, so I think I have the experience to back this up.”

    :D WELCOME TO THE INTERNET!! And it doesn’t matter which school you go to. They will always a way to suck. Though I must admit, I’m thoroughly enjoying college in between semi-panic attacks.

  24. I’m only a half hour in, but I do declare the Vampire Diaries to be how Twilight should have been. Stephenie Meyers is (should be) taking notes…if she hasn’t decided to sue already or not.

    • I watched that with my apartment mates. We were all rolling on the floor fifteen minutes in because it IS Twilight. I mean, I know the CW is trying to capitalize on all the Twihards, but GEEZ.

      Although SMeyer can’t complain. They’ve made it better. The female lead actually has personality! *GASP NOOOOOOOOOO*

      • The lead has personality, the romance has a grounded basis behind it, the vampire actually has weaknesses, there’s a credible threat introduced early to build suspense and worry… no, I disagree, this isn’t Twilight at all.

        • I agree.

          It’s how Twilight should have been written. I enjoy the typical, old school myths on vampires, i.e. cannot enter a house without being invited and the ability to create fog.

      • There’s a perfectly good test for this:

        While watching the show, check to see if any of the vampires sparkle when going out into the sun.

        If yes, then the series is doomed to brain melting status.

        If no, then it’s already 50 times better than Twilight.

        I call it the Twitardation Scale. Good, no?

    • Vampire Revenant Says:

      Stephenie Meyer cannot sue, because The Vampire Diaries existed long before Twilight in book form, as written by L.J. Smith back in the ’90s. ^_^ The Vampire Diaries and the Night World series are both examples of how to do Twilight better, even if they aren’t great examples of literature (being teen books and all). She did it first (and better)

  25. He’s a good charter. Well, he’s such a Gary Stu that I wouldn’t be surprised if he draws charts pe~~eerfectly. However, he is a horrible character.

  26. Unless you have been to and assessed every single public school that exists in a professional manner, you cannot make such a generalistic comment.

  27. Public schools ARE in trouble, and I came from a good one. We could afford great teachers, new computers and books. Despite how lucky we were it couldn’t fix the idiots. I was mentally abused terribly in public school and it did affect my grades (although I passed everything)

    If I ever have kids, I will never, EVER let my child go to a public school unless they do serious reform- kids act like feral animals half the time.

    Thank God that’s all behind me- needed therapy in college however.

    • Android 21 3/7 Says:

      Same goes for me. Right down to people who would abuse me mentally. (it did not help that I was having serious family issues at the time and I was a mentally fragile little flower to begin with. The school was forced to give me home schooling for a 1/4 of the year and make me go to a psych group once a week during lunch.)

      Personally though, even if they did undergo serious reform (and from the sound of it, neither of our schools really needed it), kids will be kids. Schools can only do so much. They can’t give personality transplants to the rotten apples. (Although if the apples are REAAALLLY rotten, like criminally rotten, then they should probably notify social services or the police or something.)

    • I’ve been to three Primary Schools and two Secondary Schools. Out of those five, only in my current school (latter Secondary School) do I feel both physically and mentally safe, and have a good circle of friends. My current school is all-girls’ and selective entry.

      Although, in the other schools, when I did make a few friends, it was mostly made friends with boys and people from older year levels.

      Of course, in the other schools, ESPECIALLY my first High School, I tried to get out of going to school at least once a week because I learnt nothing, despised most of the other students, the teachers were idiots…. Honestly, I did NOTHING in class and still got pretty good grades. And, of course, because I possessed more than an iota of intelligence, I was socially ostracised and now I have practically no social skills.

      Yeah, I pretty much hate all the schools I’ve been to sans the one I’m currently attending.

  28. when I was in high school, I begged my parents to let me be home-schooled so I could stay home all day and join 4H and raise bunnies or something (lol farm kid)
    they refused of course

    looking back on it 10 years later, I regret not pushing it with every fibre of my being. the school I went to was absolutely awful.
    TRUFAX: i have no real concept of mathematical multiplication or division. because no math teach I ever had wanted to take the time to explain it in a different way so I might understand. I was just stupid and needed to practice it more.
    years after high school I find out I probably have dyscalculia (dyslexia with numbers).

    • I would prefer home schooling, and I think many would, however without public schools, the… idiots, as you say, would be even stupider.

      I, myself, do not fully comprehend division.

    • Android 21 3/7 Says:

      Homeschooling is not as fun as you think it is. There was only one teacher who could not explain every subject very well (I’m surprised I managed to keep up in math, really…) and I ended up having to drop from honors chem to regular chem (another terrible story behind that which I won’t divulge).

      …But then again, I was an emotional wreck at the time… Other people would probably have appreciated the situation more than I did and used their free time more productively (like raising bunnies as you mentioned).

  29. In case no one here knows yet, we have yet another tragic thing to mourn. They’re canceling Reading Rainbow. Yes, the wonderful, and much beloved, show that introduced so many books to so many children, me included, will be no more. The powers that be have decided it is more important to teach kids how to read rather than to inspire them to want to read. While I agree that kids should be taught how to read, I fully believe that that does nothing without the drive to want to plunge into book after book just for the sheer fun of it. While having the desire to consume books will encourage children, or any one for that matter, to learn to read and to learn to improve their reading skills.

    Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high……….. You will be missed.

    • It was a matter of time, there unfortunately hasn’t been a new episode of RR since ’05. They’ve been showing repeats for years because of what the show actually, but now they think they can do a better job and can finally stop paying LeVar Burton royalites and do something cheaper.

      • Keyaroscuro Says:

        I’ve seen those shows that they think can do a better job.

        Man, I feel my brain cells die just watching them for a few minutes. Where’s the quality? Where’s the learning to love reading and learning? This makes me sad. :C

      • Android 21 3/7 Says:

        Jordie LaForge, you will be missed.

    • What about Wishbone? Is that still on the air? That was another series that got me into reading.

      I will miss that theme song, though. Classic.

  30. Public schools (tend to) suck.

    That doesn’t mean the students going to them all suck.

    Hence, no reason to go against Rachel’s statement. If she was bagging on the students, then she’d be bagging on herself. (Attended 7 public schools, she tells us.)

  31. That One Girl Says:

    Just found this today . . . apparently it’s the latest in a short story line.

  32. I don’t remember /how/ I found your recaps but I’m so glad I did x3

    You’re an inspiration to everyone who hates somethign that murders braincells so thoroughly.

    You should have had an IQ test before you started and checked how much it’s dropped since then.

  33. In response to your edit:: Public school does suck..

    Mine “taught” me what they called ‘creative spelling’ which has screwed me up so bad, that it’s not even funny. Creative Spelling – we don’t want to hurt children’s self-esteem, so we’re never going to tell them when they spell something wrong, so they can get to middle school still spelling ‘Cat’ with a K and get to high school and be doomed to remedial English for four years, even though they’ve been *reading* at a 12th grade level since they were ten…

    *insert rage here*

    • Omg, one of my friends was taught “creative spelling.” California schools?

      His spelling now, for the record, is incredibly bad.

      • no, actually, – Colorado schools… but.. we *do* have a high Californian population here trying to turn us into New California ^^; FIF even wrote a song about it XP

        My spelling is only legible becuase Firefox is awesome and has spell check. And still – there’s far to often where I hit submit before reading over what i wrote, and end up deleting posts and trying again… It drives my friends nuts…

      • Android 21 3/7 Says:


  34. I personally LOVE Eoin Colfer and his Artemis Fowl series. I may e biased, however. I went to a book signing and loved the man as a person. Very funny, and nice.

    • I’ve read them all and quite like them too. Colfer takes mythological characters with already established canon and actually puts a decent spin on them. In my opinion, he improves upon them in many ways, makes them stronger, more (no other way to say this) bad-ass. I mean just compare Holly to say, Tinkerbell—Helloo? Anyway, at least he didn’t create flat, pussified versions of myths. After all, who in all of literature has cheapened and wussified a set of myths the way Smeyer has with vampires? I can’t think of anything that compares.

  35. This is simultaneously the best and worst birthday present ever.
    Worst-People comparing E.Colfer to Smeyer?!? I love his books, they are 100x better than Twilight.
    Best-It’s an update! Yea!! Even a short one is better then none at all.

    also FYI I always forget the when you are suppose to use ‘then’ and ‘than’. Also affect and effect. Haha yes I went to public school. Can you even believe I’m a junior in college?! I can spell very well, I just forget when and where to use some words, except–

    and there is another one but I forgot what it was.

  36. Yo, dawg. Long-time reader, first time stander-upper.

    I suppose I should start out the traditional way and mention my love for this blog and how utterly distraught I was when you’d gone for so long without posting. I checked back repeatedly but to no avail. Now it’s midnight and I’ve read all your updates since chapter five of Eclipse, and I feel satisfied again. But only momentarily.

    As for the issue of public schools, I haven’t known it any other way; I’ve gone to four public schools, albeit one was for half a year of first grade and my only memory of that school was being a dumbass in such a manner that I had to go to the dentist afterward and have a tooth removed the REST of the way. Anyhoo.

    School was never as bad as my Senior year of highschool. Between my utterly TERRIBLE German class and my Creative Writing class in which I taught the teacher – who, might I add, had a DOCTORATE and made us preface her name with DOCTOR – more than she ever taught me, I was never happier to get out of that hellhole once and for all.

    Funny story, I actually bitched out my entire German class once day when there was a substitute because I just couldn’t control my rage anymore. It’s amazing how offended and defensive they got and how they tried to turn it around on me. There was one girl who stood up with me against it too, for which I was incredibly grateful.

    anyway, tl;dr, thanks for writing this and yes, public schools suck. teh endz

  37. Hey, well, I don’t think it’s really fair of you to say that she couldn’t spell character… I mean, what if she meant to say charter??

    I Googled the word charter (I honestly dn’t know what it means) and got the answer ” a formal document giving rights or privileges “.

    Is it possible to have misinterpreted the books so badly??

  38. Which kind exactly do you mean by “public school”? Because I know that it can mean either kind (helpfully), including variation between parts of the world.

    Here, public school usually means privately funded (i.e. parents/guardians pay fees, it’s not government funded). That’s the kind I went to, and it was great.

  39. Somepartsareme Says:

    Ack! I’m sorry! I was young and foolish!

  40. Nearly all of whatever you mention happens to be astonishingly precise and it makes me ponder the reason why I hadn’t looked at this in this light previously. Your piece truly did turn the light on for me personally as far as this particular subject goes. But there is one position I am not too comfy with so whilst I make an effort to reconcile that with the core idea of the point, permit me see just what all the rest of your readers have to point out.Well done.

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