Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated



53 Responses to “Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated”

  1. Clementine Says:

    YOU’RE ALIVE!!! I’m unbelievably happy right now, both because you exist, and because there will be more posts. Yay!

  2. Well, don’t hurt yourself!

    • Yeah, I don’t know about you, but I’d feel pretty put out if reading twilight was one of the last things I did in life!

  3. We are gonna throw you the biggest internets party that ever happened. I don’t want to give too much away, but there might be an Edward effigy involved. I can say NO MORE

  4. Upwards and Onwards! We will win this war against Twilight, not matter how many brain cell casualties we have!

  5. Android 21 3/7 Says:

    AHHH! *falls out of chair* Okay. Take your time. We’re just glad you’re okay. Although aggravated.

  6. Thanks for your noble efforts. We patiently await your next update.

  7. Albatoonoe Says:

    If you feel your mind fracturing, please, take a break. The blog isn’t worth your sanity.

    With that said, I’m rooting for you!

  8. you seriously made my day!! i feel your pain, friend, as school has made my poor, innocent brain melt like butter in a microwave. i’m so glad you’re alive to bravely fight the noble fight against the twitards. LIVA LA RACHEL!!

    • alaskan-salmon Says:

      what is “liva la”? if you mean the french term of “long live the” …(revolution) then it should be “vive la”. sorry if you’re actually using a language that isn’t french. =)

      wow, you aren’t dead rachel? its alright if you’re a zombie, we won’t discriminate against you because you belong in the ground! hmm, it would be rather ironic if you’d become a… (gasp) …vampire!
      he he!

  9. Oh I’m so glad you are alive! But please, do not kill yourself over this. It will make us all sad if you die at the hands of evil. I feel like we need to send you care packages or something. :D

  10. Glad to see that you were not kidnapped by deranged Twilight fans, who claim that they are the cullen’s family. otherwise we would have had to mount a rescue that involved driving sharp toothpicks into their chest until we have managed to drive it through the heart. we would use sharp toothpicks because it would make them suffer as much as attempting to read the book does to us. and its an amusing image.

    • You know, they might still try it… Everyone, keep your pencil-sharpeners and toothpicks on hand. Let’s form a militia of pro-Rachel minutemen (and minutewomen–we believe in equal oppurtunity, no matter what Smeyer says!)

  11. Softspoken Says:

    Glee! Even a break in the radio silence is great, but it’s a grand announcement too.

  12. Phew, I am so glad you’re ok! We were definitely starting to get worried about you.

    Someone should get you Speshul Edward Substitute (caution: NSFW) in celebration of your return!

    Mmmm. Chilly.

  13. I was psychic right before i checked this post. I was all like: “I have a feeling that something I adore muchly has been updated” so i checked and i was like OMFG AN UPDATE KINDA. We’re glad you’re back but like it’s been said already many many times, don’t put your sanity before this blog!

  14. Woo! Welcome back! :DDD

  15. Kaotik4266 Says:

    It’s good to see you again, but don’t wear yourself out on this! You’re doing this for your own (if not pleasure) gratification and you shouldn’t feel obliged to work yourself to death over it, even if Edward’s will then make you a sparkly Mary Sue! :)

    Also, the “Speshul Edward Substitute”… thingy… I have no words. Especially looking at the comments on the site… that’s more than a bit scary!

  16. So Glad you are back, I had almost given up hope for another update and was really going to have to read the books. So glad your absence was not due to rabid fans.

  17. Bravo! Your strength and fortitude is an example to us all. Having also read all of them for the purpose of finding out arguments to tear it apart, I know how painful it gets. This chapter by chapter analysis has been helping me heal my soul after doing so. Thank you.

  18. Wow o.o I had good timing checking back when I did.

    Glad to know you’ll be around again, Rai! But hey, taking a break from this is nothing to be ashamed of.

  19. Rachael A. Says:


    I anxiously await the your post on chapter six, though you should make sure to preserve your mental and physical well-being. Who knows what the horrors of these books could drive a person to do. =O

  20. It’s like pulling teeth, you just have to do it sometimes even if it hurts! Heh.

  21. yayness! i won’t have to resort to suffering through the rest of the books myself after all! :)

  22. Just saw an ad. It was for a quiz site and the quiz was “What do you smell like to Edward Cullen?”.
    I bet I smell like a cheezburgr.

    • I’ve seen those too and it makes me wonder what exactly the results are. There is probably only one it is probably is cheezburgerz :D

      • Forestwater Says:

        Actually, I took a similar quiz because my friends hate me, and it said:

        “You smell like freesia, just like Bella. Edward finds your scent so devastating that he can barely control himself. He is constantly fighting the urge to consume you – he isn’t sure if he should bite you or kiss you.”

        Then I checked out the other ones because it was just a button-click away:

        “Your sweet personality can’t be contained…you even smell sweet and Edward thinks you smell like strawberries. It makes him wish he could nibble you, just a little bit.”

        “Your unique and adventurous spirit comes through in your scent. You smell wild and fresh, and Edward thinks you smell like the Ocean. Your scent surprises him. He’s never smelled someone so lovely”

        I can’t decide which of these is creepier.

  23. Keyaroscuro Says:

    Wait…then who’s obituary was that? o.O


    Can’t beilieve I’m feeling excited about Twilight…. even Twilight-bashing.



  25. Well, it’s about time! Glad to see you back, but, honestly, sometimes you take as long to update as Troy Steele.

  26. Wow people thought you were dead?

    Glad to see you are back, I hope you enjoyed whatever is was that you were doing! Unless it was reading Twilight books.

  27. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! You’re back! <33 I don't even know how many comments piled up on the previous post. xD

  28. ScarletMagpie Says:


  29. Glee~! :D I had nigh given up hope.

  30. I lol’d so much my roommates wondered what the hell was wrong with me :D.

  31. I admit that my daily-check-for-update-be-disapointed routine had already become a weekly check but still: I never lost faith in you and you just seriously made my day.

    • Ditto, that sounds just like me. I checked back every Tuesday and Sunday, and alas, the one week I didn’t, two updates appeared! YAY!

  32. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated | Yes, I Read It. It’s Still Stupid.

    […]Sadly, the demand for free online psychic readings outstrips the supply.[…]

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