The Eclipse Sacrifice

I have found my book.

Thank you to reader Andrea for offering up your hardcover, probably-first-edition copy of Eclipse. For the good of my holy crusade against all things Poor Literature!

Thank you, also, to everyone else who emailed me and offered. I especially love the poetry and gushing praise. Once I drain the excess ego from my head, I should have recaps of New Moon to complete. We’re entering endgame now, and oh is it ever so exciting.

11 Responses to “The Eclipse Sacrifice”

  1. Sweet Heart, you need to post some of your drawings too!!

    I am sure some of them could go on t-shirts!

    • I second this!

      Do some Twilight *fan art*, and I use the term loosely (what do you call Not Fan Art?) because I would love to see your depiction of Edward Sparkling and Bella swooning. . . or something

      Come on, you know you want to! Your creative muse wants to butcher these characters with illustrations as well.

  2. *taps foot impatiently

  3. *Imagines Bella Alice slash picture*

  4. Natalya Says:

    I would love to see Alice NOMNOMing Bella on the plane!

  5. You do “fan” art? I need to see this. Need to see this now.

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