It has come to my attention–

(taking a moment to glare at my mother)

It has come to my attention that I am overdue for the recap of chapter nine. I have a valid excuse! This is my birthday week and I am busy with well-wishers and tequila. And well-wishing tequila. I will provide a chapter nine on the afternoon, or at some point tomorrow.

The problem is that this book is getting so downright boring that I can’t even bestir myself to make fun of it in places. But don’t worry! I will muster up as much spite as neccessary, for you.

11 Responses to “Delays”

  1. Petter Wäss (Petterwass) Says:

    Do not worry, we will wait with baited breath until you see fit to deliver more snarky wampirely goodies unto us.

  2. Millenous Laughter Says:

    Eh, take your time. The book is a bad enough trip without tequilla. With it, you might mistakenly commit ritual suicide after believing Bella to be as popular as Oprah.


  3. Magistrate of Mediocrety Says:

    Well, happy birthday in the meantime!

  4. Happy birthday!

    And while I wouldn’t mind seeing an update, there’s no need to rush it. Enjoy yourself! Hopefully there’ll be bits of the book that aren’t so boring soon enough (i.e., mind-bogglingly “whaaaaat?”)

  5. Happy birthday! <3 Hah, save yourself from Twilight on your birthday!

  6. Moonshade Says:

    Happy birthday! I hope you spend it doing something more fun than reading Twilight.

  7. Bah! Excuses, Excuses. And to think I took the time to give birth to you.

    • Softspoken Says:

      She brought you into this world, she can take you out!!!

      Although, that still wouldn’t get her the chapter recap…

  8. Happy Birthday! Yeah, no rush. It would spoil your birthday if you have to read Twilight…completely takes out the ‘happy’ in ‘happy birthday’.

  9. Nadramon Says:

    Oh, at least this way you can sympathize with Bella and angst about getting older than immortal vampires! Wait… Oh, nevermind, she’s over that already.

    Well then, just enjoy your break from the “books” and have a happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! My gift to you would be a vacation from this crap, so I’m glad to see that you’re taking it. I just finished the fourth book and it almost ruined my relationship because my boyfriend got so sick of the constant bitching. Recapping it would have killed me.

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