I love you guys

I don’t have a recap yet, I just wanted to say this:

Whoever found my blog on Google by searching for “bella is stupid and retarded” seriously just made my day.

And hello to everyone who’s come from Fey Winds!

19 Responses to “I love you guys”

  1. *just arrived from Fey Winds*

    I just spent the entire morning reading your recaps, and I must say…I absolutely adore you. <3 Wonderful, hilarious job — and so true. I can never understand the people who read those god-awful books and actually think they’re masterpieces of literature and an inspiration to young girls everywhere. It makes me weep. ;_;

    Keep spreading the Twi-hate! So good to find someone who speaks sense. *applauds you*

  2. Hi then (yeah, I came from Feywinds).

    Your blog – I read the last few recaps – is pretty hilarious. I’d write a whole fan thingie here, but I’ve got to go now =/
    – But check out the Mary Sue Test, if you haven’t already! http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm

  3. Khadija Says:

    Reading good writing about bad writing is highly addictive. You’ve got more guts than me, I couldn’t make it through the first 10 pages.

    I got here from Fey Winds and read the whole thing in a span of a few hours. Good luck with the rest of these, I’ll be here, wheezing.

  4. The color change…me think it kind of weird…make eyeballs a little hurty…

  5. Risawn Says:

    I need to send my sister Julie to your site. I think she would be in agreement, even as a ‘Mormon Mom Blogger’, she hated the books.

    ( http://hellomynameisjulie.blogspot.com/2008/01/am-i-freak-of-nature.html )

  6. I love your recaps. I thank Fey Winds for the link, as it now saves me the horror of rereading the series to do exactly this, my original plan! Applause!

    I’m probably going to reread them anyways just so I can make my lists of what sucks. Masochism, anybody?

  7. So, I came over from Fey Winds, and I must say… I… I think I love you. I’ve never read Twilight, simply because the first ten pages I read made me scream and throw the book at the furthest wall. Your notes have made me giggle hysterically, AND catch me up on wtf is going on so that I can properly mock those who actually like the books.

    So please please please, do continue. I will help finance the bills from your therapist.

  8. I just read the blog and I love it. I’m going to have to thank Fey Winds for suggesting you. I read the books, but I still say it was the worst 24 hours I’ve ever had.

    Keep up the awesome work, I look forward to seeing the rest of this.

  9. Allison Says:

    Directed here from Fey Winds. Just to let you know, if you find yourself in need of any of the books you haven’t done yet, I swear I will SEND them to you. I have a fangirl of a sister who for some reason has MULTIPLE copies of at least one of the books.

    Still reading through your recaps, but can’t wait to see more. I love your recaps

  10. My sister just got a hold of these books (against my mother’s wishes, even), and I was thinking I would have to read them to tell them *why* they are bad for her. This is going to be so much help.

  11. icekatze Says:

    hi hi

    I too come from the faraway place known as Feywinds. Your writing style is clever and humorous, but I’m afraid the subject matter is far too painful to even contemplate reading for very long. You’re a brave brave soul.

  12. (-from Fey Winds as well-)

    You make me so happy!
    I wasn’t even going to have anything to do with Sparkly McManpire, or Dead Behind the Eyes Bella, but I was forced by a friend to either stare at a wall for two hours, or watch Twilight…
    Only in retrospect did I find that the former option would have been better.
    Then she got MAD AT ME for making fun of it. COME ON. HE SPARKLES!1
    I am now going to stay informed on the Terrible Trilogy via your cliff notes.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  13. I just came over from Fey Winds too. Thanks a lot, you jerk, I wasted three hours last night laughing so hard my eyes were prolly bleeding instead of studying for my super hard important test today.

    But it’s ok, because if I fail school I can just sit around and write four crappy books and get them published and make lots of money! Problem solved!

    I love this blog so much.

  14. wandered over from Fey Winds, and love what you have here!

    heard of the series because my boyfriend went out and bought all the books, so i thought maybe they were worth a look. (bit of a mistake there.)

    my first attempt at reading Twilight ended up with me abandoning the book three pages in.. came back six months later to give it another chance, but boy was that painful to struggle through. i’m not sure if i’m made of tough enough stuff to read the rest..

    many hugs to you for continuing to do this :) you are a brave, brave one.

    also, i have much love for the tags you put in each post!
    they make me laugh so much :D

  15. Android 21 3/7 Says:

    Yeah, I came across this from Fey Winds too. Hello! When I heard all the jokes, especially about the sparkly vampires, I thought it was a random inside joke that someone came up with. I didn’t realize that they actually SPARKLED! How in the world did this series get to be so popular?

  16. I’m here from Fey Winds as well. *giggle*

    Your blog is so amusing! I can’t wait for more!

  17. i found this blog by typing in “examples of abuse in Twilight” to give my friend solid evidence

  18. A friend linked me to your blog after a blatant Anti-Twilight discussion.
    I linked him to my favored site, http://theantitwilightmovement.webs.com/

    I am now more captivated by this blog, and TATM’s graphics(and ragemail_, than anything right now.

    Thanks for making me lose sleep, you amazing wench, you.

    • Nice link, jackass.


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