Stuff is happening

Okay, I know I said I’d take a week, but I failed to take a few things into account.

The New Moon recaps will start on or before Monday.

Plan your week accordingly! Gird your loins, get your “Teenager to English Dictionary,” and prepare to once again throw out every perfectly good myth you’ve ever heard about vampires and werewolves, because Stephenie had WAY better ideas than those old crazies.

10 Responses to “Stuff is happening”

  1. Millenous Laughter Says:

    Sweetzels. Just make sure to let me put on my tinfoil hat, so I can prove to the Twimoms I’m not being psychically controlled by the Catholic Church.

  2. Ever since two of my best friends and one of my bosses (none of whom I will trust the judgment of again) talked me into reading the train wreck of Twilight, I have been almost morbidly curious about the rest of the series, but could never bring myself to do it.

    And then I found your blog back at chapter four. I have since shared the link with several people who either read the book and shared my immense disdain or simply refused to read it on principle. (I’m considering passing it along to one of the friends that suggested the book.. if only to HELP her.)

    Before you begin the second book, let me thank you for treading where I could not and saving me from having to go through the torture myself. I both appreciate and applaud your efforts at taking one for the team.

    You are my HERO.

    • Here now, if reading terrible books makes me a hero, what does that make Smeyer? lol

      What I mean is, I’m glad you’ve laughed at my recaps, lol, I live to serve :)

    • It’s ok you saved yourself a LOt of trauma the second and third books are just BAD theres no other word for it just… just…. urgh…

      Your saving yourself lots of money honest (the therapy needed afterwards…)

  3. Magistrate of Mediocrety Says:

    Oh god. Which works of classic literature has Steph chosen to profane this time?

  4. a co worker of mine introduced me to this site. and now i have to say, I am possible one step closer to reading this book that so many *cough* Mormon relatives of mine are infatuated with and a couple of friends who i usually trust their judgment on. Just because i am couriers to see if they are really this bad.

    also any inspiration of Romeo and Juliet must end in the protagonists dieing…it is why I can’t stand west side story.

  5. I was going to wait till the last entry to say this but <3 You rock. so hard core.

    To be honest you've made me curious. If it truly is as bad as you say I have to read it now just to understand the pain you're going through with these horrid excuses for books.

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