I’m famous — on the Internet!

My blog is getting linked… everywhere. This is sort of surreal, I didn’t realize so many people would identify with my pain.

Hello to everyone from Facebook, Fark, Stumbleupon, and Twitter!

I hope to have another update tonight, but the week ran me ragged. If not tonight, then two chapters tomorrow. I’m almost done oh God how can there really be three more books of this garbage…

11 Responses to “I’m famous — on the Internet!”

  1. lol Internet famous.

    I hear a lot that the next couple books are better somehow, but I just can’t believe it. :/

    • Actually, what I heard is that the next couple of books get worse and worse, in a creepy “bad touch” sort of way, lol.

      But I also heard that Alice gets WAY cooler, so I’m looking forward to it, in a sick way.

  2. Ha ha ha you’re so great! I have already read the books (well not the fourth one, i became lazy) and let me tell you, if you’re planing to continue to read all of them to write this, you will wanna kill yourself on the second one… seriously half of the book is Bella Emo-like, totally depressed and it’s boooring. And yes, Alice is by faar the most interesting character :D Continue your excellent work.

  3. Go Go Twilight Jesus! (or maybe we should be calling you Twilight Joseph Smith?) We’re counting on you!

  4. i just wanted to say that this is great. I’ve wondered what the hype was about, now i don’t have to read it and it comes complete with awesome commentary. By the way, i came via Fark.

  5. yea i found this blog while looking at an anti Twilight group. honestly, i love this blog so freakin much. ive laughed my ass off a lot.

  6. You’re amazing…

    Do a Breaking Dawn recap FAST, FAST, FAST…..ur fellow twihaters are waiting

  7. I got linked to this blog from another forum I go to. =P This is freaking amazing. More artillery for my arguments against the Twitards at my school is always good.

    One girl I know “married” Edward. Good Lord.

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