My time! It flees!

I will have an update of truely epic proportions for you tomorrow! Thank you for waiting so patiently. In the meantime, create new adverbs for your own enjoyment.

7 Responses to “My time! It flees!”

  1. Twilightly. Meaning to overuse adverbs. beat the living heck out of the English language with a sledge hammer, cultivate Mary Sues and put real vampires to same.
    *gives SMeyer the finger*

  2. soranomukou Says:


  3. Bellaly, meaning to act like a whiny brat.

  4. Sarcasmfeeder Says:

    Edwardianly. def. To act with abusive control.

  5. rapely, which is how I see Edward right about now.

  6. Talonheart Says:

    SMeyerly- (adv.) to butcher the art of literature and generally shit all over the vampire genre; to create Mary Sues/Gary Drews; to impose Mormon values through bad writing

    Ex. “That book was written so SMeyerly, I puked all over it and then burned it in a pagan ritual.”

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