I described the super creepy key-claiming scene from chapter 12 to my boyfriend, Mikael. His immediate response? “You know there’s panties missing from her laundry hamper now.”

The mental image of Edward clutching a pair of Hello Kitty bikini-cuts to his nose and inhaling like an addict will be with you… always.

In addition, all Twi-Haters should spend some time here.

9 Responses to “Addendum”

  1. Mahahaha. That was absolutely fabulous. Chalk that up for reasons I’m never going to let my kids read this horrible, disgusting tripe (not to mention that I want them to learn proper English, not this adverb infested, elipse abusing shithole). I was in a relationship like this, minus the bloodsucking sparklepire, and I can honestly tell you it was the worst time of my life, and how fucking grateful I am that I had the sense to get out. It’s disgusting how women can so easily overlook this.

  2. GAH.

    Thanks for the image, it’ll haunt my dreams forever.

  3. kit-kat Says:

    my i draw this? i will credit you

  4. paleoncologist Says:

    With his super senses… Does he even have to remove the panties from the hamper? With a vampire-nose, I’m pretty sure you could detect all sorts of ordinarily-discreet aromas… Shudder.

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